IFOM IPA: Postdoc Association

IPA, the IFOM Postdoc Association

The IFOM Postdoc Association is an association of all the postdocs working at IFOM.



There are 4 main goals in the spirit of the IFOM Postdoc Association to:

Foster the interaction between postdocs of different labs:

We are not working alone! We share space, resources and knowledge. Connecting with other people is beneficial for both, science and social life.

Organize soft skill courses:

Not only scientific skills count! The scientific career needs other skills that have to be improved: communication, writing, presentation, management and many more!

Provide different perspectives on our future career, as an alternative to becoming a PI:

There's not only one choice for our future! There are many other career possibilities and we need to know them.

Create a network with other postdoc associations all around the world:

We are not isolated from the rest of the world! There are lots of other postdoc communities that we need to interact with to create links, to open our minds and to learn from them.

How we achieve our goals

Activities and Events

We organize and coordinate all kind of events, both scientific and social:

Career development

Soft skill courses in collaboration with the HR office.

Science and Prosecco

Meetings with eminent researchers, persons from international companies and European organizations (every 2 months).

Pizza Talks

Short informal presentations to discuss ongoing research (monthly).

Social events

For all IFOMers, in collaboration with PhD students and the events team.


We are an association for all the postdocs working at IFOM. The association is led by a board made up of 8 volunteers, elected yearly by the postdoc community.

IPA consists of a President, a Vice-President and up to 6 more members of the executive council.

Umberto Restuccia

Angela Bachi's lab

Umberto is the board president. He is mainly involved in the organization of social events and in supporting the other board members in their activities. He is originally a plant biologist who moved to mass spectrometry in animal and human research almost ten years ago. He is specialized in proteomics analysis but is now setting up the new metabolomics platform.

Endre Sebestyén

Francesco Ferrari's lab

Endre is involved in organizing the Pizza Talk events, and managing the online presence of IPA. He is originally a geneticist, now working on the large-scale computational analysis of genome and transcriptome datasets. He is particularly interested in gene regulatory networks in development and disease.

Maria Vinciguerra

Vincenzo Costanzo's lab

Supported by a strong background in cellular and molecular pathology, her main focus is currently the investigation of metabolic and biochemical alterations underlying DNA repair-deficiency disorders associated to aging, neurodegeneration and cancer development. She is involved in the planning and organization of social and scientific events.

Carmen M. Livi

Francesco Ferrari's lab

Carmen organizes social events with other IPA-members. After her undergraduate studies in medical-informatics she decided to switch to bioinformatics. Since then, she was working mainly on the modeling and the prediction of RNA-protein interactions. Currently her research focus lies on the analysis of NGS-data and the integration of genomics and epigenomics data for predictions.

Chiara Malinverno

Giorgio Scita's lab

Chiara is part of the team that organizes "Pizza Talks" and the "Welcome and Get together" events and she takes care of the related digital media. She is a molecular biotechnologist with a research background mostly in cell biology and molecular oncology. Her main interest is to study the connection between dynamics of cancer cell motility and the cellular process of endocytosis. She works on the mechanisms through which the endocytic network enhances collective cell migration of normal and tumorigenic mammary epithelia.

Janine Weber

Simona Polo's lab

Janine is the Vice-President. She supports the other members in organizing social and scientific events. Coming from a biochemistry and structure biology lab, she is currently a postdoc since 2016, and characterizes E3 ubiquitin ligases to understand their function in autophagy and their role in neurodegeneration and cancer.

Laura Perucho Aznar

Stefano Casola's lab

Laura supports the other members in the organization of social and scientific events. After her studies in chemistry, she focused her research activities on molecular biology and on antibody development. Currently focuses on the role of the B cell receptor in lymphoma fitness.

Monica Testoni

Valter Longo’s lab

Monica Testoni is in charge of "women & science" events and supports the other members in organizing also the other social and scientific events. She has an academic background in biological sciences with a special focus on B cell lymphomas. In January 2016, she joined Longo lab a postdoc and she is characterizing the role of fasting in sensitizing lymphoma cells to chemotherapy.

We are supported by 3 extraordinary members who are suggested by the Scientific Director.

Mio Sumie, Marina Properzi, Elena Bauer

Former IPA Board Members

President Vice President Executive Council
2016 Chiara Bruckmann Sina Atashpaz Endre Sebestyén
Christopher Bruhn
Carmen Livi
Chiara Malinverno
Maria Vinciguerra
Umberto Restuccia
2015 Christopher Bruhn Barbara Sanavio Aurora Cerutti
Chiara Bruckmann
Divya Purushothaman
Elisabetta Crippa
Federica Alberghini
Ivan Psakhye
2014 Hans-Peter Wollscheid Kerstin Schmitz Yathish Achar
Christopher Bruhn
Salvatore Cortellino
Hiroaki Kajiho
Gema Malet Engra
Gabriele Varano
(voluntarily associated)

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Phone: +3902 574 303 383

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