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Pier Paolo Di Fiore

Pier Paolo Di Fiore, a physician and specialist in molecular oncology and cell biology, directs the Cellular Logistics in Cancer research unit at IFOM.
Born in 1958 in Naples, Di Fiore studied medicine at the University of Naples and, even before the age of twenty, began spending time in the laboratories of the Institute of General Pathology. read more

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Cellular Logistics in Cancer

Our lab is performing both basic and translational cancer research in the fields of endocytosis, stem cells and functional genomics. A long-standing goal of our group is to elucidate the role of endocytosis in cell signalling and cancer. Our contributions to this field have helped to change the way endocytosis is perceived, from being simply a mechanism for signal attenuation to being a vital component of the cell signalling machinery that provides spatial and temporal dimensions to signalling events. read more

Laboratory location: Milan, Italy

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Group members

Staff Scientists
Ivan Colaluca
Stefano Confalonieri
Maria Grazia Malabarba [IFOM-UNIMI]
Sara Sigismund
Post Docs
Maria Elena Bicchieri
Giusi Caldieri
Alexia Conte
Maria Grazia Filippone
Eleonora Lusito
Simona Monterisi
Chiara Tordonato
PhD Students
Elisa Barbieri
Veronica D’Uva
Giovanni Giangreco
Cinzia Milesi
Silvia Restelli
Simone Sabbioni
Irene Schiano Lomoriello
Martina Zobel
Marco Coazzoli
Ekhalle Soppo Blanche
Guest Researcher
Andrea Basile

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IFOM Review

Endocytosis -setting the course with Ubiquitin
Commentary on Pier Paolo Di Fiore's paper published on The Embo Journal, by Ivan Dikic (2014)
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